Electric Motors – Cleaning

Overall, electric motors must be kept completely clean, free from any kind of oil, dust and debris and to carry out this cleaning effectively, it is necessary to apply soft brushes or clean cotton cloths. In case dust is not abrasive, it is advisable to use compressed air blasting, whose mission is to blow dust, effectively eliminating all dust accumulated in fan blades and cooling fins.

From the motors to the housing there is no grease, whereas in the case of 160 to 200 motors, the grease pin becomes optional and above the housing from 225 to 355, the presence of the grease pin is completely normal. In this case, the purpose of maintenance is to postpone as much as possible the service life of the bearing system.

In some engines it is also advisable to clean the junction box. The carton must always be clean, free of oxidation, in perfect mechanical condition and without any dust settled in the void spaces. In hostile environments, it is advisable to use motors with a higher degree of protection.