Month: July 2017

Principles of Faraday

Among the scientists who contributed by researching the connection between electricity and magnetism was Englishman Michael Faraday. Born near London, he was both physicist and chemist, although he had a weak theoretical background. Therefore, he valued experiences as evidence of natural phenomena.

Due to his curiosity and numerous experiments, he demonstrated in the year 1822 the circular magnetic field. Faraday filled with mercury a conducting metal, formed by two bowls, so that it had an electric wire coming out of its bottom. In one of them, he fixed a magnetized bar vertically and in the other, he loosened another magneto. In the first bowl, the moment the electric wire hung above hers touched the mercury, closing the circuit, it began to spin around the magnet.

In the other cup, where the wire was loose, at the moment it was connected to the current, the magnet revolved around the central wire. So it was the first electric-type motor, the true ancestor of today’s projected machines. Some time later, Faraday concluded that if a magnet were placed inside a coil, in which the wire would pass electric power, it would move, following The lines of force.

Lubrication of Bearing Bearings

It is advisable to rotate the motor shaft at least once a month, if it is done manually, it should be at least five turns, causing the shaft to be in a different position from the previous one. If the engine has a device that locks the axle, it must be removed before turning the axle, and then replaced again before carrying the engine.

Vertical motors can be stored in an upright or horizontal position. For open-rolling motors stored for more than six months, bearings must be relubricated prior to operation. If the engine is stored for more than two years, it is recommended to replace the bearings or to remove, wash, inspect and re-lubricate the bearings.

encapsulated transformers

In the case of oil lubricated bearing, the motor must always be stored in its original operating position and with oil in the bearings. The oil level must be respected, always at the middle of the level display. During the storage period the shaft locking device must be removed and the shaft rotated by hand so that the oil recirculates and keeps the bearing in good condition.