Month: December 2017

Concepts of Power Application

It is worth mentioning that the voltage, which must be determined in Volts of alternating current, can be duly released at varying levels. At the same time that 110 VAC and 220 VAC can usually be found in stores and homes, for example, voltages between 460 and 600 VAC are geared towards large applications, such as in industries. In this way, a slight variation in tension can cause a tense effect on engine performance. Tension when not sufficient decreases the torque and may prevent the electric motor from maintaining its rated speed at the same time that excessive tension increases the torque, which can cause damages during starting.

It should be emphasized that for the choice of an ideal AC electric motor Reelcraft 7850 OLP121 the first step is to identify exactly what is the amount of phases, voltage, frequency and current of the alternating current available for the application the same. These alternating current motors are manufactured and rated for a certain type of alternating current supply. In this way, the frequency expressed in hertz (Hz) or cycles per second, is intended to indicate the frequency of alternating current oscillations.