Cleaning the Air Filters in Electric Motors

Air filters that are part of the electric motors must be cleaned regularly and the cleaning interval will depend on the air circulating in the room.

The filters need cleaning when the temperature detectors in the winding indicate an increase in temperature or approach the alarm level. The alarm level shows that 50% of the air filter surface is clogged. The filters should be checked manually by the maintenance team, first by suctioning the scalar side and then the side of the discharge.

A clean water rinse is recommended to release dirt not removed by the cleaner and when grease is found, the filters should be washed with a detergent solution.

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After cleaning, install the air filters in the correct direction, shown on the arrows on the air filter housing, they indicate the direction of the air flow, however some filters may be installed in any direction.

The accumulation of dirt on the pipe wall will eventually occur and it will reduce the cooling capacity, so it should be cleaned at frequent intervals. Do not use steel brush on aluminum tubes as it will ruin the pipes and instead use soft brass brush.